Starting to see Spring animals


I love this photo of a painted turtle from yesterday. The turtle was so peaceful looking, I had to imagine it was one of the first times it had been able to sunbathe in the 60+ degree weather, and it must feel great to work out all the hibernation sleepiness, and start returning to activity.

Baby Chipmunks

I got a video of some baby chipmunks! They were quick, and it's not the best but I thought they were adorable. There were about a dozen on a hillside running around, playing with each other and were so small. I thought they were a very small bird at first. They were near the Mississippi River in Champlin, MN.

A Sparrow

Below the Chipmunk video is a photo of what I believe was a "Lincoln's Sparrow", similar to the more common Song Sparrow. This Sparrow was along the brush near the Mississippi River, not near a bird feeder or in a neighborhood.