My image on the "On the Job with Dean" website

On a day in February, Jenni sent me a text that I should bring in my camera.

I was thrilled to meet Dean Phillips, as well as the awesome staff and document Dean fully becoming a barista for the day. Dean was focusing only on the work: making the coffee, running the register, and greeting customers. There were plenty of people who recognized Dean, but also plenty of people who just ordered, said thanks, and were appreciative of the coffee. It was a fun and warm environment.

I said at the time that the milk pouring picture is the best for the Wisconsinites now living in Minnesota (such as myself).

As of the writing of this blog post, Dean and team are busy running in the Democratic Party's New Hampshire primary election. I appreciate my MN district 3 representative and wish the whole team good health while they work to make our democracy stronger.