My good friend Marjorie had me over to learn about the spring process of putting the hives out. I have to admit I'm a big baby when it comes to bugs touching me. I trusted what I was told and the bees indeed were very chill and more like curious puppies flying around, checking out their new home, and happy photography models.

The beekeeper in question

A rouge bumblebee

I had Marjorie take a moment to smile, but it was mostly a lot of work. (look closely at a curious bumblebee making an appearance right across the center of her chest) Marjorie spent time taking the queen out, placing her carefully in the middle of the box, as well as (below) the sort of violent process of dumping the bees out. I am glad I was able to shoot that one a little slower to show the motion, it was very surprising how many bees came out of the transport box.